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Articles édifiants

You can specialize in proclaiming God’s successes through you so as to go from one height to another, or, you can specialize in proclaiming your failures, and consequently go sinking.

Whichever one you choose will flood you and overtake you. Those who are so thoughtful about their sorrows find that those sorrows seem to increase. Some can already see the failures of tomorrow from today. They are soaked full of sorrow, for thinking on sorrow. And, their whole future is problem-stained. Those who look at Him find success, success, success all along.

We do not need the devil’s permission to succeed!

I say again, we do not need the devil's permission to succeed. We simply we look at the throne and He who gave us a work to do. It is enough that counted us worthy, that counted us faithful so we should present the goal to Him accomplished. We just have to go ahead and succeed. We must succeed. Even if a million demons are on the way, we bring them down in His name. We must succeed because He sent us to succeed. We must succeed because His power is mightily at work in us for success.

We share His life, we share His success

Success is

  • written in our hearts,
  • written in our souls,
  • written in our lives.

We share His success as we share His life. We share His victory as we share His life. We share His all because we are hidden in Him. What must we therefore do? There is nothing more than I can do for Jesus did it all. What then is our job? To worship Him. To worship Him.

  • We look at Him and we join the heavenly festal crowd.
  • We proclaim His worship and proclaim His adoration.
  • We live in His Zion
  • We speak His language, the language of victory.
  • We think His thoughts.

Every knee shall bow!

Every knee shall bow. It is only a matter of time. And, time is in our favor because we have begun to share His timelessness. When I was lastly in India, a man was surprised that at my age I was reading without glasses. I told him not to think of glasses till I was one hundred and twenty.

You are:

Do you know who you are? You are the king’s son. You are the King’s daughter. King’s son. King’s daughter. Refuse to live like a beggar. Because I am the King’s son, I accept great deeds as my natural inheritance. If I do a great thing, it should not call for talk. I am simply being myself.

Say with me, “I am the King’s son. I am the King’s daughter. I am a prince. I have the authority of my Father. The entire army of Heaven is backing me. The Cherubim and the Seraphim; all those gigantic heavenly beings are back my acts. It is impossible to fail. My father cannot fail. I speak from Heaven. It is established.” That’s what we are!


A man left Britain, entered a ship set for America. He bought a first-class ticket with all the money he had. Along the trip, he had no more money. In the morning when people got up to go and eat, he would remain in his room, in hunger. The others went, ate and came back all the time, rejoicing. At lunch, he would look with greedy eyes as the people went and feasted. In the evening the people went as usual. They were feasting every day but he was starving and losing weight. He had no money in his pockets.

When he thought he was about to die, he risked everything and followed the rest of the people. Even if this would mean prison, he preferred it to dying. He joined the rest, went, and ate his full. He thought the bad moment was when they come with the bills. No one came with the bills. No one asked him anything. No one asked the others anything. The people all ate and left. He too. But he carried the guilt of a thief as he walked out. Would those in charge call him back? He did not know. Well, come what, come may. He had eaten.

Not being able to hold it anymore, he told someone, “I have a problem. I ate without paying. Well, they have not caught me.” The man asked him, “What ticket do you have? He said I have a first class ticket.” He told him, “From the day you entered the boat, all the meals were yours. They were included in your ticket. You have paid for all of them along with the ticket. So you cannot be caught for eating.” The man regretted all the meals he had missed and the hunger that was not called for!
Do you like the story? Let us take it home. There are many people who are seated with the King on the throne, who nevertheless live as slaves. They do not know their rights. The Lord rightly says - my people perish for lack of knowledge.
Was that man’s ticket all inclusive? Yes. Did he enjoy all? No. People perish for lack knowledge. It is of the devil’s purpose that you remain ignorant of your rights so that you live on earth as a beggar. God has included us in Him. Christ is on the throne. All things have been subjected to Him. You are seated with Christ. You are seated on the throne. Arise and enjoy your rights!

Victory over sickness

Your victory will not only be over sin. It is also over diseases. When you start feeling pain anywhere, you just say, “Pain, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to stop. You are touching holy property. Let my Father hear of it, and you are done for.” That is all, and the pain is gone. The enemy will put his tail between his legs, and run away.
If you do not know your rights, he will come nearer and from that pain, he will add a second one. If you start by begging the devil to go away, you are done for. If you doubt whether he will go away at your command, he will stay. With doubt, you enter his pocket.

Thought of the week

A life without purpose Is a life without meaning? “When there is no revelation, People cast off restraint”
Proverbs 29:18

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